Anthony Corin. B.E
Managing Director, CEO

Anthony is a business development entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in the construction industry. He is a multi-variable optimisation specialist with experience in many industries including construction, hospitality, cosmetics, sports and music. Apart from being the CEO of Onestop Projects Ltd, Anthony currently runs a not-for-profit self defence school (Shorinji Kempo, 33 years experience).

Arthur Ede

Operations Director, Site Manager, Health and Safety Manager

Arthur has more than 30 years experience in the building and property maintenance industries. He has also owned and managed several businesses in the hospitality industry, worked in local government settings and been union representative.

Ron Corin

Building Consultant

Ron is a qualified tradesman builder with more than 50 years on-site experience including being site manager and foreman for the West Plaza building construction and the Auckland Airport expansion. He currently works as a residential building consultant advising clients for pre-purchase inspections and for property status reports.
Rob Kilpatrick
Business Development Director
PHD - Business Management

Rob is a co-chairman of a Joint Learning Initiative which is a global conglomerate of academics and practitioners building an evidence base of the usefulness of local faith communities (of all religious streams) in achieving the UN determined Sustainable Development Goals. He is also chairman of Partners Relief and Development Australia and chairman of the Dips'n Trust in NZ - who raise money for the care of physically and mentally disabled in the developing world.
Geoff Bennett
Business Consultant, Project Manager

Geoff has over 50 years experience in Residential and Commercial construction as a qualified tradesman builder and has owned and managed his own New Home construction business for many years.

Andrew Munya
Architectural Designer
PHD in Urban Design
Masters in Urban and Regional Planning
Bachelor of Architecture (Hons.)

Andrew is an all rounded professional in the built environment. He has qualifications and extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in architecture, urban planning and urban design. His focus has been on exploring urban self-sufficiency in the energy, food and water nexus. He has spent the last 5 years as an Architectural Technology Lecturer at Waikato Institute of Technology utilising his many years of experience in Architectural & Design Development, Master Planning, Project Management, Site analysis, Urban Planning, Design, Growth Management and Agriculture.